LOST HER KIDS!! How Siovaughn Wade’s Battle To DESTROY Her NBA Baller Husband DWYANE WADE . . . May Have Cost Her HER CHILDREN!!!

: MediaTakeOut.com has been chronicling the divorce drama of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade and his ex Siovaughn. And we have to say – this story should serve as a LESSON to all of us. Sometimes it’s better to just LET GO . . . and move on.

For the last TWO YEARS Siovaughn has been doing EVERYTHING in her power to try and get back at her baller hubby for asking to get a divorce. She’s accused him of CHEATING on her with actress Gabrielle Union (a claim which MediaTakeOut.com investigated and learned is FALSE). She’s accused Dwyane of ABUSING her and their children (a claim that the court determined was UNTRUE). And she’s accused Dwyane of giving her an STD (a claim that both doctors and her best friend say is FALSE).

Now we can ALL understand wanting to get back at a man after he LEAVES YOU, but you gotta be smart about it. In the process of levying all these claims against Dwyane, Siovaughn may have ended up losing the most important thing to her – her CHILDREN.

Yesterday, a Chicago judge awarded temporary custody of their two sons to DWYANE. Meaning that – for now – Siovaughn can not see her children without COURT PERMISSION. The judge explained, “The Court is troubled by the continuing pattern of (Siohvaughn Wade) to obey court orders when they go her way and disobey court orders when they do not.”

Now remember, before Siouvaughn started trying to DESTROY Dwyane – dude was only asking for JOINT custody.

If anyone of you MTOers is friends with Siouvaughn you need o sit her down and tell her that it’s time to walk away . . . before its too late.