LOCKER ROOM RUMOR!!! Randy Moss’ Accuser May ATTEND THE SUPER BOWL – And He May Be RESTRAINED From Playing!!!!

: just got wind of an EXPLOSIVE REVELATION regarding this Sunday’s Super Bowl. According to one of the NY Giants’ girlfriends, Patriots star wide receiver Randy Moss may not be allowed to play in the game.

Here’s exactly what she told us:

I am [NY Giants player’s] girlfriend and I had to tell you about a rumor going around with the players. [Giants player] told me that a big Giants fan bought Superbowl tickets for that woman that Randy Moss beat up and he’s paying for all her expenses.

They’re saying that if the woman in sitting at the game, Randy Moss won’t be able to play because of the restraining order.

Slick right. But good for them. The Patriots are a bunch of cheaters so it serves them right.

That is a pretty low down thing for the Giants to do. But we at are Giants fans so …. GO GIANTS!!!
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