Kobe’s RUBBING OFF!!! Ron Artest Brings EXOTIC Girl To MULTIPLE Red Carpet Events (His POOR WIFE)

: Some of these NBA balers are just so BRAZEN with their sloppiness. MediaTakeOut.com learned that NBA baller Ron Artest has been bringing some exotic looking out with hm to red carpet events recently.

The “official” word is that they WORK TOGETHER. But one MediaTakeOut.com snitch suspects MORE. The insider explained, “Why are they always hugging and acting like a couple . . . that’s very DISRESPECTFUL to his wife.” The insider continues, “Besides, I’d bet they’re f*cking.”

Before joining the Lakers, Ron would NEVER be so blatant as to bring ANOTHER WOMAN to an event. He and his wife Kimsha were together for nearly 20 years . . since the two were living together in a NYC housing project.

Oh . . . and last night . . . Ron wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.