Kim Fields And Her Fruity Baby’s Father Get Married – By A ‘Formerly’ Gay Minister!!

: has learned that actress Kim Fields (star of The Facts Of Life and Living Single) has just married her longtime boyfriend and the father of her child – Broadway dancer/actor Christopher Morgan.

You’ll recall that last year reported that one of Christoper’s former co-workers questioned whether Morgan was heterosexual (see story here).

Coincidentally – or maybe not so coincidentally, the wedding was officiated by former gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. Pastor McClurkin’s ministry specializes in counseling men that homosexuality can be “overcome” through Bible study and intense prayer. While the Pastor has admitted to engaging in homosexual acts, he now claims to be “healed” and is currently living a celibate lifestyle.

Kim, here’s some words of advice. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your husband away from Pastor McClurkin!!!!