KILLER BEAUTIES!!! 16 Year Old Twin Girls MURDER THEIR MOTHER!! (Find Out WHY . . . And HOW Inside)

: learned of one of the most HEINOUS crimes in recent memory. A 34 year old Georgia woman was beaten and stabbed to death by her TWIN DAUGHTERS.

Here’s what we know. Jarmecca Whitehead, gave birth to twin daughters when she was just 17 years old. Shortly after their birth, the girls, Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead, were given to their grandmother to be raised.

But Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah were very troubled young ladies. They reportedly got into a lot of trouble and last year, they became TOO MUCH for their grandmother.

So the twins, aged 16 at the time, moved back with their mother Jarmecca and her boyfriend.

That’s where the story gets fuzzy. What can say is that the girls routinely CLASHED with their mom – who was trying to discipline them. And just THREE DAYS after returning home, things CAME TO A HEAD.

Here’s how the local CBS News is reporting it:

Twin sisters are charged with killing their mother. Police arrested the 16-year-old girls Friday.

Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead are charged as adults.

Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson said, “That would make the District Attorney feel comfortable charging them as adults. I think that speaks about how vile this act was and how vicious this attack was.”

Police said the teens stabbed and beat their 34-year-old mother, Jarmecca Whitehead, to death. She was found in her Conyers home on Jan. 13. Initially, police said the daughters told them they came home and found their mother’s body.

Before she died, Jarmecca, who was known as Nikki, confided in her neighbor.

Angela Avery said, “The mother was kind of afraid that something like that might happen.”

Avery did not know why. She said, “I can’t explain why because the mother didn’t do a lot of talking, but she did have that particular fear. Yes, she did.”