Kenya FINALLY Speaks . . . Says She Knows DEADLY Form Of Karate . . . And Could Have ‘KILLED’ Porsha During The Reunion Show!! (Plus Pics Of Kenya’s VERY NOTICEABLE BALD SPOT)

: Soooo . . . by now everyone saw the BEATING that Kenya suffered at the hands of Porsha – during the Atlanta Housewives REUNION SHOW. Did y’all catch the SLANDER that Kenya was throwing towards US . . . right before Porsha ATTACKED HER. How DARE SHE besmirch our good name.

Anyways, Kenya’s people reached out to us to give their first “official statement” about the incident. In addition to the usual “Blah, Blah, I’m Miss USA and girls look up to me” garbage, she also said something SHOCKING. According to Kenya – she knows some kid of ISRAELI KARATE – and she could have KILLED Porsha if she wanted to.

Here is Kenya’s EXACT words:

After being repeatedly attacked by an abusive boyfriend at the age of 17. . . I sought self-defense training developed for the Israeli military. I’ve also been trained in weapons. I can take someone down in three moves. It took discipline for me not to respond in kind. As violent responses escalate, they can quickly result in severe injury or even death.

LMAOOOOOOO . . . . Kenya, ain’t nobody got TIME FOR THAT. Who you trying to impress.

To those that missed it, here is what happened yesterday: