JUICY GOSSIP!!! You Remember When NFL Baller Ray Rice BEAT UP His Wife . . . Well It’s Because She TOOK HIS PHONE . . . And Saw TEXTS From GUESS WHICH CELEBRITY!!!

: MediaTakeOut.com reported to you a few weeks ago that Ray Rice and his fiancée were arrested in Atlantic City due to an altercation between the two. Well we just learned that the two were fighting . . . because CELEBRITY SOCIALITE TEYANA TAYLOR was being a HOME WRECKER.

Teyana went on NYC’s Power 105.1s THE BREAKFAST CLUB yesterday and tried to SLANDER our homie Tae Heckard. According to Teyana, Tae STOLE her longtime boyfriend Brandon Jennings. Teyana blasted TAE, calling her “old”, claiming that she’s a “SNAKE” and even so far as to call Tae a “home wrecker.”

Well a CLOSE FRIEND of Tae is UPSET . . . and she told us ALL OF TEYANA’S BUSINESS. What you read below is allegedly #FACTS#

The SNITCH told MediaTakeOut.com that the altercation between Ray Rice and fiancée Janay Palmer POPPED OFF when she saw texts received from Taylor trying to persuaded Rice to leave his fiancé and family to be with her. When Janay CONFRONTED RICE with the messages, things got OUT OF HAND . . . and she got KO’d.

And theer’s more. According to our VERY WELL PLACED INSIDER, while in college Ray Rice dated Taylor’s best friend, but that didn’t stop Teyana from perusing him. It’s surprising, tells our snitch, that she has an issue with Heckard. Yikes!

And there is at least SOME EVIDENCE that Teyana and Ray have been CARRYING ON for years. Ray Rice has reportedly sponsored events for Taylor’s men’s fashion consulting company “Taylor’d & Bow.” But Rice made his decision to do away with Teyana and all of her drama by marrying Palmer – long time girlfriend and mother to his child.

Our insider added the following – directed at Teyana:

Teyana can sometimes be a sweet girl but every kind gesture she does has a motive. She will fight and even create absurd rumors about her loved ones to get her way!

You cannot go around lying, ruining peoples lives and not think about the repercussion of your exposure. Maybe this is the reason why Jennings wants nothing to do with her and has happily moved on.”