Jay Z\’s Baby Mama SPEAKS!!!

: Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com reported that rumors were circulating all over the internet regarding a woman that was supposedly Jay Z\’s baby mother. The woman, who we\’ll call Shenelle, reached out to MediaTakeOut.com and told us how upset she is that this whole situation has become public. As she put it, \”I\’m getting these crazy emails and calls all day … it\’s crazy that people would dig up these worms.\”

So in order to set the record completely straight, she agreed to sit down with MediaTakeOut.com later on this afternoon and tell us exactly what happened between her and Jay Z. You know that we\’re going to get to the bottom of things. But if there\’s anything that you\’d like for us to ask Shenelle, just post it below in the comment section, and we\’ll try our best to get her to answer it.

As soon as we\’re done with the interview, we\’ll post it up for you guys. Keep checking back with us on this one, things are about to get EXPLOSIVE.