Jay Z And Beyonce’s PR People Are OUT IN FULL FORCE . . . They’re Leaking Stories . . . Calling Solange A ‘DRUNK’ . . . And Saying That She’s ‘CRAZY’ And ‘BERZERK’!!!

: Anyone with TWO EYES can see that Beyonce was CO-SIGNING her sister’s azz whooping of Jay Z . . . and it wasn’t just Solange acting CRAZY. Whch married woman would just STAND THERE and let her sister BEAT U AND SPIT on her husband . . . and not even get between them. And then AFTER IT ALL . . . she gets in the CAR WITH SOLO and leaves her husband behind. Come on, it’s VERY OBVIOUS . . .

Anyways that isn’t stopping Jay Z and Beyonce from trying to paint Solange as “Crazy” and calling her a “drunk” and “belligerent”. Peep the report in the NY Post, Jay and Bey’s PAPER OF CHOICE:

Sources told Page Six that Solange had become drunk and “belligerent” at the after-party and was “like a pressure cooker waiting to explode.”

“Solange had too much to drink and was out of it by the time the performances started after the dinner at the Met Ball — she was dancing like a crazy person,’’ a source said.

Another source said Solange got into an argument with a pal, designer Rachel Roy, after arriving at the Standard and that Beyoncé came to her defense when another guest tried to intervene.

When the female guest asked Solange, “ ‘What is your problem?’ Beyoncé defended her sister and told the guest, ‘You don’t get to speak to my sister that way,’ ” the source said.

By the time Solange got in the elevator to leave with her sister and Jay-Z, “she flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way,’’ a source told Us Weekly. “Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.”