IT’S OVER!!! Phaedra Parks Hits Apollo With That PAPERWORK . . . Throws Him Out The House . . . FILES FOR DIVORCE!!!

: The most embarrassing chapter in Atlanta Housewife Phaedra Parks’ life is about to come to a close. spoke with a person close to Phaedra who tell us that Phaedra has initiated DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS with her estranged husband Apollo Nida.

The insider explained, “Phaedra and Apollo had their issues, even before he got caught up [in his legal drama]. Phaedra is a good and loving woman and she tried to stand by him, honor, and hold him down.” But the insider claims that Apollo’s blatant DISRESPECT FOR THEIR MARRIAGE drove Phaedra away.

The insider told that recently, Apollo has been STAYING OUT ALL NIGHT doing WHO KNOWS WHAT – without telling his wife where he’s going. And that he’s been DISRESPECTING their holy union to friends and the press. The insider explained, “He’s out here talking disrespectful about their marriage.”

The insider explained that last week’s “SCENE WITH KENYA” – which Bravo producers are trying to make it look like something “romantic” happened between him and Phaedra’s rival KENYA MOORE, was just Apollo trying to get back at his estranged wife. Another TOP Bravo snitch told, “He was just trying to get back at Phaedra – cause she’s DIVORCING HIS AZZ.”

And divorcing him she IS. We’re told that PAPERS were filed in a FULTON COUNTY courthouse yesterday. The paperwork won’t become public until early next week.

We can’t WAIT for the next season of the Housewives!!!