It\’s Over!! Beyonce Breaks Up With Jay Z!!

: Two weeks ago, first reported that Jay Z and Beyonce were having difficulty in their relationship. Yesterday afternoon, we received official confirmation that Jay Z and Beyonce have split up!!

In an exclusive interview, spoke with a member of Jay Z\’s inner circle who gave us the official word. The insider, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, told, \”[Jay Z]\’s not 25 – he\’s been ready to settle down and have a family for a while now. But Beyonce was asking him for more time.\” Our source continued, \”It got to the point where [Jay Z] was constantly pressuring her and it wasn\’t good for the relationship … So they both decided that it would be best if they just stayed as friends.\”

And according to our insider, Beyonce\’s family is happy with the couple\’s decision. The source tells, \”Beyonce\’s family was completely against her getting married. They\’re cool with [Jay Z] and all … they just felt that he was a little too serious for her at this point in her life. And at this point in her career.\”

But there may still be hope for the superstar couple. Our insider explains, \”They still love each other and they\’re still good friends so you can\’t expect them to just cut things off completely … For now, it\’s over. But who knows what might happen in a couple of months.\”

Jay Z, who is 38 years old, began dating Beyonce nearly 5 years ago.