Is Bey Pregnant … Her Hair SAYS YES!!!

: The speculation continues to grow regarding whether or not Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting there first child together. And just discovered a interesting piece of information that may shed light on the issue. It appears that Beyonce has been refraining from bleaching her hair.

Why is this important, you ask. While no study has conclusively linked hair bleaching to birth defects in children, many OB/GYNs caution woman that chemicals absorbed by skin (like bleach) should be avoided during pregnancy.

And it appears that Beyonce is heeding that advice. has EXCLUSIVELY determined that for the last 5 weeks, Beyonce has not touched up her roots. And for those of you guys outside of the entertainment industry – trust us, a celeb going 5 weeks without a touch up is an eternity.

Now either Bey has decided to completely fall off of her beauty regiment. Or she’s got a bun in the oven.


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