Housewives Drama!! NeNe And Dwight Get Into A FIST FIGHT!!

: Can you say DUUUUHHH-RAMMMMA!!! just learned that yesterday Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes and top Atlanta stylist got it CRACKIN at a posh Atlanta hotel.

Details are still sketchy. But according to a snitch, it all started during a TAPING of the show. Word is that NeNe said something slick and then fists were flying.

And it gets better.’s spy said that the fight took place inside Atlanta’s brand new Loews Hotel on Peachtree . . . and they did $10K worth of damage.

The best part . . . it was caught ALL ON TAPE by Bravo cameras. We can’t WAIT for the next season.

This is an ORIGINAL report. Members of the press are free to use our EXCLUSIVE information, as long as they credit