GOOD GAWWWWWD!! If You Thought BEYONCE Was Bad . . . Check Out Her Two Cousins . . . Kristin And Kelsi . . . People Are Saying . . . They’re CUTER THAN BEYONCE!!! (PICS)

: Beyonce attended a funeral in Texas this weekend for her Uncle Skip. When there – she met up with two of her cousins, Kristin and Kelsi. And the two gals are BURNING UP social media. Many are saying that the two cousins look BETTER THAN BEY!!!

This is cousin Kristin:

This is cousin Kelsie:

As we mentioned before, Uncle Skip – full name Lumis “Skip” Joseph Beyoncé — died on March 13. He is Beyonce’s Caucasian uncle. Skip was an avid golfer and faithful member of his church. He will be remembered for his generous and loving personality, and for his kind and genuine heart.