FROM STALKER . . . TO WIFE!!! Guess Which TOP NFL Baller DUMPED His Wife And Kids . . . And Married A Girl He Had ARRESTED FOR STALKING!! (Wedding Pics)

: You know, sometimes they say that NFL players get hit too much in the head. Well we suspect that’s what happened to NFL superstar CHRIS CHAMBERS!!!

This has got to be the biggest JUMPOFF come up story known to man. learned that NFL baller Chris Chambers has just married his STALKER.

Here’s what popped off. Last year, superstar wide receiver Chris began cheating on his wife Christina with a woman named Stacey Saunders. When his wife found out about Stacey, Chris promptly BROKE THINGS OFF.

But Stacey wasn’t about to let her baller go WITHOUT A FIGHT. So she began a campaign of STALKING and harassing Chris, his mother, his sister, and his wife. Eventually, Chris had to go to the police – and eventually, he had Stacey ARRESTED and charged with 11 counts of stalking.

So end of story right . . . WRONG!!! learned that Stacey’s STALKING must have worked. Because shortly after RESOLVING the charges, Chris DUMPED his wife and kids. And last week, he and Stacey got married in Vegas (two days after his divorce with Christina finalized).

This idiot is about to get EXACTLY what he deserves . . . GOOD LUCK WITH THAT Chris . . .