FRAUD!! Maury Povich Busted For FAKING Paternity Shows!!!

: You knew it was too good to be true. has learned that Maury’s talk show is caught in its very own paternity scandal. According to tabloid reports, guests on his popular Paternity Test episodes are frequently acting.

Last year, a guest named Lashana appeared on Mary’s show looking to find the father of her son Jeremiah. But Lashana is now claiming her appearance was a complete fraud.

According to Lashana, she contacted Maury’s producers and asked to give three men paternity tests, but they all declined. The show’s producers then reportedly convinced Lashana to find any other man she knew and bring him on the show.

When Lashana found a man Anthony, she told producers that he wasn’t the father of her son. But the producers didn’t seem to mind. They just drafted up a script for Lashana and Anthony to recite on stage.

According to Lashana’s mother, the entire appearance was scripted. She was quoted as saying, “Everything was scripted. Anthony had to call Lashana a whore and swear he wasn’t the father. Lashana had to cry and I had to be mad at Anthony … and when Maury opened the DNA envelope and reveal that Anthony wasn’t the father, he had to jump around and do cartwheels.”