Fmr Destiny’s Child Member Farah Franklin Blasts Beyonce

: It looks like former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin may still harbor ill feelings towards Beyonce. got it’s hands on an interview that Farrah did with a publication called N Magazine. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Nmagazine: So Farrah, any new projects coming out

Farrah: Yeah actually I’ve been in the studio working on my album

NM: So, this would be your first solo album?

Farrah: Yup! (Very enthusiastically)

NM: You must be excited

Farrah: Very (giggles)

NM: we all know you used to be in Destiny’s Child. What’s the difference between being in DC and being a solo artist?

Farrah: well when I was in it (Destiny’s Child) it was more focused on one person. It’s called a group but it was more like a solo artist and her backup singers. I don’t take a backseat to anyone and that’s why I quit

NM: is it fair to say that solo artist is Beyonce?

Farrah: (laughs) whoever you want it to be

NM: we have to ask, are the rumors true? Is Beyonce a bee-otch?

Farrah: (laughs very hard) ummmm. I wouldn’t say she’s a bitch but she is (long pause) a perfectionist.

NM: perfectionist hmmm is that just another word for bitchy diva?

Farrah: ya’ll are funny (laughs) I’m not here to bad mouth anyone

NM: when was the last time you saw Beyonce??

Farrah: when did this turn into all about Beyonce????(laughs) I don’t remember honestly. I’m just trying to move forward from that bad experience.

NM: one last question about DC. What made it a bad experience?

Farrah: It wasn’t 100 % bad. I just felt like an outsider the whole time. Me & another member didn’t get along AT ALL. It just wasn’t pleasant. But good things came from it too. One of the members really showed me how to have good stage presence, and it really was a stepping-stone for what I have planned for the future.