Fan: Will Smith’s Breath STINKS!!!

: It’s hard to find anything wrong with Will Smith – he’s handsome, rich, and extremely successful. But according to one of’s faithful readers, the Fresh Prince does have one flaw – his not-so-fresh breath.

Here’s what she had to say:

I worked as an extra on Will Smith’s new film [Hancock]. … We had a lot of fun on the set and I have to say that Will Smith was really nice (and cute too!!). He actually walked up to all the extras and introduced himself and shook our hands.

Well that’s not the story. When Will was talking to me, I smelled his breath and it smelled like hot [excrement]. You know the kind of breath that’s so bad it makes your eyes water. I thought it might have been something else (like someone farted) but I asked the girl next to me and she said Will’s breath stunk too.

I kinda feel bad talking greasy about him since he was nice to us, but it is what it is…

Awww, girl you don’t have to feel bad about talkin’ greasy about celebrities. We stopped feeling bad about it a long time ago….