EXPOSED!!! MAN Claims That Cuba Gooding Jr PASSIONATELY Kissed Him!!!

: Looks like Cuba Gooding Jr. has just been outed!!! has learned that Celebrity publicist-turned-blogger Jonathan Jaxson is claiming to have had an intimate encounter with the popular actor. According to the openly gay Jaxson, he and Cuba kissed and fondled each other earlier this year.

Here are Jaxson’s exact words:

It was February of 2007, during NYC Fashion Week, where I was at the club Bungalow 8 with some clients and friends and ran into actor and Oscar winner, Cuba Gooding Jr..

I was a bit intoxicated, but Cuba had a few drinks up on me. Despite his posse of girls, we chatted about a girl we both knew, whom he hooked up with often while married. Soon he went in for the kiss with me.

This wasn’t just any kiss, but a long kiss. He had the best lips and was actually a good kisser, aside from the fact my hand ended up on his crotch and his ‘little’ penis.

His hotel room was offered for the ‘after party,’ but I wasn’t really interested. After all this is a married man, with two kids, who not only made out with me but several girls in the same evening. This on top of having several affairs on the side.

Maybe his “Boat Trip” role was more real life than many of us may have presumed. This is for an actor that has been a bit washed up as of late. However his career path seems to be changing. Cuba Gooding Jr. will next star in “American Ganster,” (Co-stars: Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, and Josh Brolin.) You can also see him starring in “Daddy Day Camp,” out this Friday!!!

All we can say is WOW!! Our gay-dar never alerted us to Cuba…