EXPLOSIVE REPORT!! FREAKY New Adult Film Star Is Really A 15 Year Old RUNAWAY!!! (Pics Inside)

: MediaTakeOut.com just EXCLUSIVELY learned of a BREAKING STORY that may serve to ROCK the adult film industry.

Earlier this year, a 15 year old girl named Charrida Smalley from Florida ran away from home. Her parents were WORRIED sick about her – and put out MISSING PERSONS fliers all over the country.

Luckily, last week, Charrida returned home SAFE and SOUND. Well, now for the SCANDALOUS PART. It appears that during the seven months when she was away, the young lady was being EXPLOITED.

Just two days ago, a very popular adult film company LEAKED footage of their new starlet – a young woman named Bieyanka Moore. If you look at the screen shots that we provided, not only does “Bieyaka” look almost EXACTLY like 15 year old Charrida, but they have the VERY SAME TATS!!!

And as the below missing persons flier shows, Charrida’s nickname . . . is Beiyaka. DANG!!!

WARNING = MediaTakeOut.com DID NOT post any EXPLICIT photos from the video. You can find the video if you just ggogle the name “Bieyanka Moore”. But be ADVISED – watching the movie MAY BE CONSIDERED CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and you could be placed IN JAIL!!!

This report is likely to get NATIONWIDE ATTENTION. Any member of the press that READS THIS ARTICLE and uses the information contained in here as the BASIS for a report on Charrida’s situation MUST credit MediaTakeOut.com for this EXCLUSIVE REPORT. Failure to do so WILL CONSTITUTE PLAGIARISM. And it could subject the PLAGIARISIG AUTHOR and his/her publication to AN ANTITRUST claim