EXPLOSIVE Report: Bobbi Kris TRIED TO KILL Mother Whitney Houston And Then COMMIT SUICIDE!!

: MediaTakeOut.com just got wind of a SHOCKING REPORT. According to the National Enquirer Bobbi Kris tried to kill Whitney Houston .. and then herself. Here’s the report:

Family member Ann Davis revealed details of the suicide attempt and the events leading up to it exclusively to the Enquirer. “Bobbi Kristina has been running around drinking and partying, doing whatever she wants to do” since Bobby Brown and Whitney divorced last year, Davis said.

Davis told the Enquirer that during a confrontation, Bobbi Kristina “tried to stab Whitney” just before slashing her wrists on February 17 – only days before a planned 15th birthday party for Bobbi Kristina.”

And it gets worse:

Bobbi Kristina was taken to a hospital in a private car – but Whitney didn’t go along, disclosed Davis.

“Carole [Brown, Bobby’s mom] told me Bobbi Kristina was transferred to and spent three days at Peachford psychiatric hospital and then Whitney got her. Carole wasn’t allowed to see her. Whitney made up the visitor’s list – and Carole and Bobby weren’t on it.”

According to the report, Bobbi Kris is reportedly feeling better. Her and her mom have since made up and the two have been seen out together. But either way, that young lady is in a world of trouble