EXPLOSIVE: More Pics Of NFL Coach Rex Ryan’s Wife HIT THE NET . . . She’s Using Her FEET . . . To FREAK OFF A Brother!!!

: We knew that Rex and his wife were FREAKS . . . but were they SWINGERS too. MediaTakeOut.com got its hands on photos which appear to be REX RYANS wife . . . playing intimate FOOTSIE in her car with some BROTHA.

Last week, Coach Ryan virtually ADMITTED that he and his wife engaged in FREAKY FOOT FETSHES, but he implied that their EXTRACURRICULAR activities were “PG-13.” Well that AIN’T what we’ve seen.

Not only do we have images of Mrs Ryan allegedly BUSSIN IT WIDE open. But there are UNCONFIRMED IMAGES making their way around the web . and we don’t even want to TELL YOU what she’s doing to some BROTHA with her feet.

To peep some pics of Mrs Ryan BUSSIN IT WIDE OPEN, click below . . .

WARNING – contains GRAPHIC images inside

. . .