: Easy come, easy go. Two weeks ago, MediaTakeOut.com told you that talk show host Tyra Banks was all set to marry her longtime boyfriend, investment banker John Utendahl. Well it now looks like all wedding plans are being scrapped – and the two have put an end to their two year relationship.

MediaTakeOut.com sat down with a close friend of John’s, and according to that person, John was the one who called for the split. The pal explained, “Tyra and John are from two different worlds. The closer they got, the more evident those differences became.”

But according to John’s pal, it was Tyra’s intellect, or lack thereof, that was the biggest obstacle in their relationship. The pal told MediaTakeOut.com, “Tyra is not a big thinker … you can probably have a decent conversation with her about makeup or shoes, but she’s not fit to discuss anything much deeper than that … That wasn’t not going to work for John. He’s the type of man that needs more than just a pretty face.”

Tyra seems to be taking the separation all in stride. MediaTakeOut.com is hearing whispers that she’s already moved on. Last week a tabloid reported that she spotted was canoodling with a “model-type guy” at a NYC club.