EXCLUSIVE: Tameka Foster Asking For $2M From Essence Mag For New Baby Pics

: Are you wondering why no one has seen photos of Usher’s new son Usher IV lately? Well MediaTakeOut.com has learned why. According to an insider at Essence magazine, Tameka Foster is asking for $2M for the first photos of her new child.

The insider told MediaTakOut.com, “[Tameka] has been actively negotiating to get top dollar for the photos. Usually we deal with agencies or lawyers, but Tameka’s handling it herself – and she’s definitely playing hardball.”

Can’t hate on Tameka for wanting to get that paper. And don’t be fooled y’all – Essence definitely has the money to pay. You may not know this, but a while back Essence was bought out – now it’s owned by the same company that owns CNN, People Magazine and TMZ.com. Hmmmm …. maybe that’s why the folk over at Essence never credit us for our reporting – SMDH … crabs in a barrel…