EXCLUSIVE: QUEEN LATIFAH Pops The Question To Longtime Girlfriend – Pair Plan A PUBLIC WEDDING!!!

: It’s happened. MediaTakeOut.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Queen Latifah and her longtime girlfriend Jeanette are OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! The two women have been in a relationship for more than 4 years – and they’ve finally decided to make it official.

And there’s more. MediaTakeOut.com can confirm that the two are planning on PUBLICLY coming out to the world about their engagement. Word is that once Queen Latifah’s finished promoting her current movie, The Perfect Holiday an announcement will be made.

MediaTakeOut.com can’t reveal our source to this story, but we can tell you that we’re 100% sure on this one. And we can also tell you that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the media (no magazines, no bloggers, no TV stations, no radio personalities – NO ONE) else is reporting this story right now. We figured we’d share this info with you guys first – our nearly 2 million closest friends…

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