Exclusive Pics Of The 14 Yr Old From The Akon ‘Grind’ Incident

: A few days ago MediaTakeOut.com showed you videotaped footage of Akon dancing very suggestively with a 14 year old Trinidadian girl named Deena (see footage below). Yesterday Deena’s father, the esteemed Pastor Dave Alleyne of Trinidad, came forward to denounce Akon’s behavior. According to the Pastor, his innocent daughter was “taken advantage of” by the African hip hop star.

But today, MediaTakeOut.com exclusively got a hold of some pics of Deena that suggest that she may not have been as innocent as Paster Alleyne is claiming. In the below pics, Deena is shown willingly participating in the “grind session” with Akon. And in a few of the pics, the young lady doesn’t appear to be wearing any clothes.

But if you think these pics will put an end to this story, you’d be wrong. MediaTakeOut.com was able to speak to a law enforcement official in Port Of Spain, Trinidad who claims that they are exploring whether to press criminal charges against Akon. According to our source, “What Akon did has caused such an uproar [in Trinidad], that we may be forced to file charges.”