EXCLUSIVE: Jay Z Jealous Of Beyonce’s BODYGUARD!!!

: A new scandal is brewing in the world of Jay Z and Beyonce. According to a person who works with Beyonce’s tour, the bootylicious diva and Jay Z have been arguing – about Beyonce’s security detail. You see, MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Jay Z has become extremely jealous of Beyonce’s relationship with her personal bodyguard.

A key member of Beyonce’s touring party spoke EXCLUSIVELY with MediaTakeOut.com. And according to that person, it all began a few months ago when Beyonce’s tour arrived in Moscow, Russia. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Moscow is an extremely dangerous place – kidnappings are rampant there. [The security team] felt that it was best if Beyonce had someone with her at all times. Even while she slept.”

So according to our source, Beyonce’s personal bodyguard was asked to sleep in the same room with her – to ensure her safety. The source told MediaTakeOut.com, “Absolutely nothing romantic happened between [Beyonce’s bodyguard] and Beyonce. But [Jay Z] was still furious when he learned the two spent the night together … It was a rough time for Beyonce.”

But according to our insider, Beyonce is not planning on changing security personnel any time son. Tells the insider, “Mathew [Knowles] hired [Beyonce’s bodyguard] and he’s not letting him go … He’s not willing to put the safety of his daughter in the hands of anyone that he doesn’t trust completely … [Jay Z]’s just going to have to live with it.”