EXCLUSIVE: Da Brat And Mariah Are GETTING IT IN!!!

: MediaTakeOut.com told you a few weeks ago that rapper Da Brat and R&B’s Mariah Carey had a blossoming friendship. Well now MediaTakeOut.com is hearing that the two women are likely to be more than friends.

One of MediaTakeOut.com’s faithful readers, who works at L.A.’s Villa Lounge spotted the couple over the weekend. Here’s what she saw with her own two eyes:

I just wanted to tell you guys that Mariah Carey and Da Brat are definitely dating [each other]. They were at [Villa] last night and for almost the whole night Mariah was sitting on Da Brat’s lap. And they were both sharing the same drink – FROM THE SAME GLASS!!!

The way those two were carrying on, I thought they would start kissing right there in front of everyone. BTW Da Brat was looking kinda hot … No Homo.

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