Dreamgirls Drama: Beyonce Jealous Of Jennifer Hudson

: Dreamgirls is all set to be the smash hit of the year. But all is not well on the set of the hit movie. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Beyonce and her parents, Mathew and Tina Knowles, are furious over all the attention that Jennifer Hudson is receiving.

According to a Dreamgirls insider, Beyonce\’s parents let Jennifer know exactly how they felt when they met at the movie\’s first screening. The insider explains, \”Jennifer attended the screening of the movie and [acknowledged] Tina & Mathew Knowles, but they pretended not to see her … and Mathew threw Jennifer the ugliest look.\”

But Beyonce\’s father couldn\’t just leave it at that. Our source claims that Mathew Knowles later called up the director of the film and \”let him have it.\” Knowles, who was upset that Beyonce was being over shadowed, is reported to have demanded that the film be re-edited. That demand was ignored by the film studio.

Beyonce isn\’t pleased with the movie either. Our source claims that when Beyonce first saw the movie, she was so upset with the way her character was portrayed, she burst into tears. Our source explains, \”this was suppoed to be Beyonce\’s breakout performance, but Jennifer\’s getting all the attention.\”

And it now seems that all the bad feelings are taking a toll on Beyonce and Jennifer\’s friendship. The insider tells MediaTakeOut.com that when the entire cast of Dreamgirls was featured on Oprah, Beyonce let her diva-ish ways show. Here\’s our tipster\’s account of what occurred:

\”Backstage [at the Oprah show], Beyonce hugged/greeted everyone, but did not say a word to or even look in Jennifer\’s direction. Jennifer was used to Mathew (who was always on set) being shady to her, but this was the first time Beyonce expressed any dislike or discomfort toward her. Finally, Jennifer went and spoke to Beyonce, but Beyonce acted just as distant and shady as her parents did at the movie screening.\”