DRAMA!! More Problems On The View – Now It’s Sherri And Whoopi FEUDING!!!

: Hold on to your horses ladies and gents, The View is about to get good again. MediaTakeOut.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that a brewing feud is going on behind the scenes – between co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd.

We spoke to one of the show’s staffers and, according to them, things are on the verge of exploding on the set. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Whoopi has absolutely no respect for Sherri and it’s obvious. She talks down to her with this tone … and when they’re off camera Whoopi doesn’t even say a word to her. Whenever she has to ask her something, she’ll go through {Joy or Barbara]. It’s childish.”

And the staffer believes that Sherri’s had just about enough of Whoopi’s treatment. The insider explained, “Sherri’s a cool person, but she’s not a pushover … Each day she’s getting closer and closer to saying ‘Screw this job’ and letting Whoopi have it … For the record, most of us here are behind Sherri.”

We’re taking Sherri’s side in the battle too. Why you ask?? Because according to our insider at The View’s, she’s a HUGE fan of MediaTakeOut.com. Tells the insider, “She’s always talking about the [articles] on MediaTakeOut.com … you have a bunch of fans here [at The View] keep up the good work.”

Hey Sherri, we’re big fans of you too and we’ve got your back. Now get in WHOOPI AZZ!!!