DOWN LOW BLIND ITEMS!!! Famous Black Actor Is CREEPING WITH DUDES … Also Two Stars From The NBA Finals!!!

: just received the following blind items from our pals over at the Panache Report:

According to Terrance Dean, two guys, playing on opposing teams in the NBA finals (who are recognizable by the public) are downlow.

Terrance went on to say that a young actor who started off in another field but who has excelled in acting is also on the downlow.

Also, rumors are circulating about a new artist who has a smash hit out.

Allegedly, the downlow circuit from coast to coast is buzzing about these new recruits.

Who are the two players?

Who is the young actor, hint: co-starred in a movie alongside a female superstar (who excels in another field).

Who is the artist?

NUH UHHHHHHH!! They betta not be talking about the actor that we’re thinking about!!!!