CRIMINAL THREATS!!! NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony Puts A BOUNTY On Katt Stacks HEAD . . . 5 THOUSAND To Any Goon Who ATTACKS HER!!!

: learned that NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony is about to be in a WORLD OF TROUBLE . . . with the NBA . . . and possibly with the POLICE.

Here’s what EXCLUSIVELY can report. Last night at just after 3:00 AM (ET), internet GROUPIE Kat Stacks sent an INAPPROPRIATE but harmless Tweet to recently married Carmelo. Carmelo’s wife LaLa Vasquez IMMEDIATELY responded with a threat to Kat.

But LaLa’s tweets only served to ENRAGE her baller hubby. That’s when, learned that Carmelo Anthony offered $5,000 to anyone who would “slap the sh*t” out of “pigeon faced” Kat Stacks. And what’s more – he then posted a PHOTOGRAPH of the money.

Why is this a problem. Well under MOST state laws it is ILLEGAL to offer money to harm another person. A person who makes such an offer is guilty of a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. But there’s more, if someone TAKES Carmelo up on the offer – Carmelo would then be GUILTY AS AN ACCESSORY to the assault. In either case, the crime carries a SUBSTANTIAL JAIL PENALTY with it.

And Carmelo musta figured it out, because as of THIS MORNING his Twitter account was DELETED.

Oh, and just in case Carmelo claims that his Twitter account was hacked – we saved the PHOTOS he posted on his OFFICIAL yFrog account. So either THAT account was hacked too . . . or . . . RUH ROH!!!

This is an EXCLUSIVE report. Failure to credit for this report is considered PLAGIARISM!!!