CREEPIN’!! Shaunie O’Neal’s 23 YEAR OLD BF Is CHEATING . . . With ANOTHER Celebrity’s GF!!!

: has received some very UNSURPRISING NEWS. According to one of our PRETTY RELIABLE snitches, Shaunie O’Neal’s boyfriend, model Marlon Yates got a chick HIS OWN AGE!!

Word on the streets is that he’s seeing a girl named Evangeline.

And if Evangeline looks familiar – you’re RIGHT!! You see, she’s Kenan Thomson from SNL’s girlfriend. We just introduced you guys to her a few days ago . . .

Some of you are probably wondering what we mean by “seeing” . . . well we can’t SAY FOR CERTAIN that they did the HORIZONTAL MAMBO . . . but we can say that neither Kenan nor Shaunie would approve of their relationship.

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this ORIGINAL report!!