CRABS IN A BARREL!! Tavis Smiley Is Now GOING HARD AT Barack And Michelle Obama

: is so sad to report this – but talkshow host Tavis Smiley is acting like a straight up BEE-YOTCH!!!

Here’s what’s going on. Apparently Tavis Smiley is upset that Barack Obama didn’t come and kiss his booty before announcing that he’s running for president. Since then, Tavis has been publicly criticizing the Democratic front-runner.

But things all came to a head a few days ago. You see, Tavis put out the word that he wanted both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to attend his State Of Black America conference in Louisiana this week. Barack reached out to Tavis and explained to him that he’s busy campaigning in States with upcoming primaries, so he can’t make it over to Tavis’ event. And he offered to have his wife Michelle attend the event in his place.

Well that wasn’t good enough for Tavis – who put the word out that Michelle Obama is not welcome at the event. According to Tavis – if Barack can’t attend, he didn’t want Michelle there either.

Can you believe this dude. We at used to have so much respect for him as a man. That’s all changed now…

To hear Michelle Obama’s classy response to Tavis un-inviting her, click here

And if you want to let Tavis know how you feel about his behavior – send him an email at [email protected]