CONGRATULATIONS!!! Guess Which One Of OUR FAVES . . . Is PREGNANT . . . And We’ve Got The FIRST Pregnancy Pics!!

: CONFIRMED with two sources that actress Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade are expecting their first child. A friend of Gabby’s tells us, “They were NOT even trying to get pregnant, it just happened, and they’re VERY happy about it.”

The pal added, “It’s very early, so don’t expect an announcement until she’s 3 months.”

AWWWWW . . . we are SO SO SO SO SOOOOO happy for Gabby. We just know that she’s going to make a GREAT MOM. And imagine how ADBORABLE their child is gonna be. We can’t WAIT!!!

This is a exclusive. Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit us for breaking this report. It’s not enough to say “some website is reporting that Gabby is pregnant,” we deserve FULL CREDIT for breaking news. If you don’t credit us – then EAT A DICK!!