CONFIRMED!!! After Months Of BEGGING . . . Rapper 50 Cent is FINALLY Dating CHELSEA LATELY!!! (From CIARA To THAT CHICK??)

: 50’s been TWEETING about dating talk show host Chelsea Handler (who has the talk show “Chelsea Lately”). And he’s been talking her up in interviews . . . now he’s GOT HER!!!

According to a spy, 50 and Chelsea were eating together on Saturday night in the New Orleans hot spot MiMi’s. The two came in separate SUVs and sat together. Our snitch says, “It was definitely a date.”

And that wasn’t their first date. Another MTOer saw the couple together at a hotel lobby in NASHVILLE, TN! Chelsea had comedy gigs in each city. And 50 . . . well, he was just there to give her a lil MORAL SUPPORT!!!

Glad to see that 50’s persistence paid off. But it begs the question, now that he’s got her . . . WHY EXACTLY DID HE WANT HER in the first place????

This is a EXCLUSIVE REPORT. If any member of the press uses ANY information from this report – that constitutes PLAGIARISM!!!