CONFESSION!!! Bishop Eddie Long Refuses To DENY HE’S GAY!! (Full Transcript)

: This morning, disgraced Atlanta Mega-Church pastor took to the pulpit to address charges that he COERCED teenage boys into sex with him.

He could have come out and said AFFIRMATIVELY that he is NOT GAY . . . or that he NEVER had any sexual contact with ANY teenage boys. If he made those statements, and they were TRUE STATEMENTS, then the statements would have practically NO ADVERSE LEGAL IMPACT against him.

But he didn’t say either of those things . . . which leads to the OBVIOUS inference . . . That h couldn’t say that he’s not gay or that he didn’t have sex with boys . . . because those statements would NOT BE TRUE. And would therefore HURT HIM in the impending legal battle.

The sad shame is that there are THOUSANDS of his supporters who do not REQUIRE that he categorically DENY having sex with boys.

Anyways, this FAKE HAIRED booty bouncer took to the pulpit this morning . .. and told followers that he is NOT stepping down from the church. And he made this statement with regards to the sex abuse charges:

I am not a perfect man . . . but I’m not the man being portrayed on television.

By the counsel of my lawyers, they told me to not try this case in the media . . . It will be tried in the court of law.”

I have been accused . . . I’m under attack. I want you to know that I’m not a perfect man . . . but this thing, I’m gonna fight.

I feel like David against Goliath. But I’ve got 5 rocks, and I haven’t thrown one yet.

When we hear “I am not a perfect man” we’re bracing ourselves for the other shoe to drop . . .