COMPROMISING PICS!!! NBA Baller Kevin Garnett Appears To Have His Face In His Alleged JUMPOFFS AZZ!!!

: told you a few weeks ago that MARRIED NBA baller Kevin Garnett has a very SUSPICIOUS relationship with a young woman named Krissy.

As we told you in an earlier report, Krissy has been traveling to many of the Boston Celtics’ away games. And last year, photos of Kevin and Krissy looking very LOVEY DOVEY hit the net.

Well now EXCLUSIVELY got its hands on photos of the two one them in a potentially COMPROMISING POSITION.

As the photo shows, Kevin is behind Crissy as she lays over a couch. And his mouth is either NEAR or ON her buttocks!!

Dayumm . . . Last night KG loses the NBA championship . . . and now THIS!!!

For the pc of her and KG and NEKKID pics of Krissy, click here – Warning they are GRAPHIC