Comedian George Lopez Pulls A Kramer!! Uses Racial SLUR Against Black People!!

: Looks like Los Angeles may have another crazy comedian on its hands. One of’s faithful wrote us about comedian George Lopez’ new comedy show.

In it George reportedly uses the Spanish racist term “Mayate.” Directly translated, Mayate means “a black beetle” and it’s an EXTREMELY DEROGATORY way to refer to African Americans.

Here’s what our reader saw and heard last night:

George was going on about text alerts – then he said we have to send each other texts saying Mayate Alert, Mayate Alert. Anyway, Mayate means [The N Word] in Spanish. Some of the Mexicans were making sounds like – Whoa I can’t believe he just said that. See some Black people think Negro or Nigerita means [The N Word] in Spanish. So, he thought the few black people there wouldn’t catch it.

He was also like f*ck ’em, they ain’t here tonight – and if YOU are here – you’re Dominican tonight damn it.

Then he went on to promote the racial tensions (as if this needs instigating) in LA. He went on and ON about how Mexicans run L.A. and run the U.S. He also spoke about how young Mexican boys are dying on the front line in Iraq while the Whites are in the back partying (offensive to anyone of any race who has lost loved ones in Iraq).

I can take a joke, but I am no longer friend with this Vato. So disappointed – I have love for the LAtinos too.

I didn’t get a chance to record it, but he’s sold out at the Nokia Theater all this week performing up until New Years day.

We’re not trying to be all P.C. But why did this fool have to go there???

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