COMEBACK??? Tevin Campbell Is Reportedly OFF DRUGS And Dating A WOMAN!!!

: Tevin Campbell’s making a comeback. At least that’s what one of’s faithful (who is also a HUGE Tevin Campbell fan) wants us to believe.

Here’s what that person had to say:

It has been confirmed that Tevin will make his comeback after his contract with “Hairspray” is over. His album has already been recorded and is waiting to be published.

Although the title isn’t official, rumor that it will be titled “Back to Love.” Tevin looks a lot healthier now and more like himself. Unlike those pictures release of him last year looking like a crack head. I just hope he come back and blesses the world with his voice. Because I know that I still rock some Tevin Campbell to this day, that kids songs are timeless.

It has also been confirmed that Tevin has been in a serious relationship with a female under study who also does “Hairspray.”

Looks like Tevin is doing good. All I ask is that ya’ll support him, and don’t bring another black man down in the media because of his past. Its obvious he’s made some changes, so PLEASE support him, he needs it.

In case you’ve been under a rock somewhere, up until recently Tevin Campbell had some problems – see here.

We really hope he turned himself around – he doesn’t look half bad. But as far as him having a girlfriend. Ummmm, honeychild – that man is sweeter than a box of chocolates. OKAAAYYY!!!!