Chris Rock’s Brother Died – In A New York HOMELESS Shelter!!!

: has learned that earlier this year comedian Chris Rock lost his brother Charles. According to reports, Chris’ brother Charles was an alcoholic for more than 20 years. And it was alcohol that led the 52-year-old to die in such squalor.

But Chris’ brother Charles was not always down and out. learned that Charles graduated from college and was accepted to a prestigious junior executive program. It wasn’t until after Chris Rock’s career took off, that Charles began abusing alcohol.

And years of excessive drinking took a toll of Charles’ life. According to reports, Charles was in and out of alcohol treatment programs. Last year, he hit rock bottom – winding up living in a homeless shelter in NYC.

On January 26th, Charles came down with a deadly strain of pneumonia and was rushed from the shelter to a Harlem hospital. After 6 days in intensive care, the 52 year old Rock passed away. The official cause of death was “bronchopneumonia complicating chronic alcoholism.”

But the story gets worse. Since no one knew Charles’ identity, he was buried in an anonymous grave in a cemetery filled with unidentified persons.

Fortunately, has learned that Chris Rock later found out about his brother and held a wake for him in their home church in Brooklyn.