Check Out Muhammad Ali’s Son – You’re NOT GONNA BELIEVE What He Loooks Like!!!

: One of’s faithful readers caught up to Muhammad Ali’s son – working at a carnival. Here’s what she had to say about it:

I took my sons to the carnival and I met [Muhammad Ali’s son]. He was really nice and very entertaining to the kids. He worked on a car ride where he would ask the kids, “Do you have a license and insurance.” He had a good spirit [given that he doesn’t] have money like his sister. He said that he “wanted to be his own man”.

P.S the other pics are some that he had of him when he was young and one of his wife dad and sister on his dad birthday. He was the only boy what happen to him??? Only God knows…

Hey, the man has an honest job and he seems to be happy with life. Guess that’s all that counts….