Cheating?? Married Rapper LL Cool J Rents A Bachelor Pad In Manhattan

: UPDATEDCould there be trouble in the marriage of hip hop superstar LL Cool J. The legendary rapper has always seemed to be the perfect husband to Simone Johnson, his wife of 11 years. But has exclusively learned that LL has recently been spending a lot of nights at a new apartment in New York.

LL’s new Manhattan loft is a far cry from the suburban mansion her shares with his wife and four children. A person familiar with the apartment tells, “It’s the quintessential bachelor pad – with a fully stocked bar and all the amenities.”

And that’s not all. According to our source, the married rapper is rarely alone in his new luxury pad. The insider explained to, “I’ve seen him take a number of people to [the apartment] – sometimes they’re beautiful young women. One woman is there regularly … she must have the key, because she’s often there even without [LL].”

EDITOR”S UPDATE – According to LL Cool J’s rep’s this whole story is just one big misunderstanding. Here’s what say think happened:

The building in mention is a top recording studio which [LL Cool J] records at regularly given he is working on his 13th album. The building adjacent to it is a newly developed condo which may have stirred up the confusion.

Usually we doubt everything that pr people send us. But given that LL has been married to the same woman form more than 11 years, we might have to give him the benefit of the doubt…