BUSTED!! 50 Cent Lied About Being Shot 9 Times!!

: When rapper 50 Cent first hit the national scene, he shocked fans with claims that he survived being shot 9 times. But in now looks like 50 Cent may have stretched the truth when he described the fateful event.

In a MediaTakeOut.com exclusive, we got our hands on the official police report issued on the shooting. And according to the report, the Queens rapper was shot only 3 times (see below report).

Unfortunately, that’s not what 50’s been telling everyone. In an interview with hip hop journalist Davey D, done in 2003, 50 was quoted as saying the following:

50 Cent: 9 times on May 24, 2000 I got shot… I was in the hospital for like 13 days…and it sounds crazy… it hurted more to not know what I was gonna do with myself AFTER being shot.. like when I called Columbia Records and they didn’t know what to do

And the gunshot distortion is repeated on 50 Cent’s official web page. Here’s how Interscope Records describes the shooting incident in 50’s bio: “In April of ’00, 50 was shot 9 times, including a .9mm bullet to the face, in front of his grandmothers house in Queens.