Bump Shia!! Rihanna Went Home With JUSTIN!!!

: Looks like Rihanna’s relationship with Shia Leboeff may be in trouble before it officially began. MediaTakeOut.com just got word from an extremely credible source that something popped off last night between Justin Timberlake and R&B singer Rihanna.

According to our source, who is a well known actor, Rihanna snuck out of the Palms hotel after-party with Justin and the two weren’t seen again for the rest of the night. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Justin and Rihanna were hanging out and [talking] for a while. Then they both got up all nonchalant and left together … It was crazy because Jessica [Biel] was there and she was looking all over for [Justin] … Poor girl.”

The insider added, “By the way Justin and [Rihanna] were looking at each other, you know exactly what they were going off to do.”

Guess Rihanna’s back to her man-stealing ways….