BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce’s Sister BEATS UP JAY Z . . . Amid Reports That Bey And Jay’s Marriage is FALLING APART!!!

: told you TWO WEEKS Ago that Beyonce ad Jay Z’s marriage is headed for a REAL TOUGH SPOT . . . maybe even DIVORCE. So much so that Beyonce had the TATTOO ON HER WEDDING FINGER removed. Well it looks like the SH*T has hit the fan.

New video obtained by TMZ shows Solange ATTACKING Jay Z – at the Met Afterparty in New York City. She punched and kicked him . . . then SPIT ON HIM. Can you IMAGINE what Jay had to do to make her SPIT IN HIS FACE!!

If you look carefully you’ll see that while Solange is ATTACKING Jay Z . . . Beyonce is NOT PROTECTING HIM AT ALL. She’s not even trying to get in between the two. And after Solo gets MOST OF HER KICKS IN . . . you see Beyonce look over and SAY SOMETHING TO JAY – almost like she was defending Solange.