BREAKING NEWS: Atlanta Police Issue An ARREST WARRANT For Shay . . . Over BOTTLE INCIDENT Caught On Tape On LOVE AND HIP HOP!!! (She Going To JAIL Y’all)

: Atlanta police have been INVESTIGATING a report that Shay from LOVE AND HIP HOP assaulted a woman with a bottle a few months back, during a taping of LOVE AND HIP HOP. Luckily for Shay, there was a strict ‘NO SNITCHING’ policy – and no one cooperated with police – not even the girl who got hit. They suspect that producers PAID THE GIRL OFF, or she was waiting to file a LAWSUIT OR SOMETHING. Either way, Shay was NEVER CHARGED with the incident.

Welp . . . video just leaked of the incident on FRIDAY. And we’re told that Police saw it and are ISSUING A WARRANT for Shay’s arrest for assault.

Watch the video below show Shay buss Joseline’s friend in the head with a BOTTLE . . . and the girl is LEAKING all over the place: