Blind Item: Which Well Known Rapper Was RAPED IN PRISON!!

: OK. We just got an email from a man who claims to have been “involved” with a popular hip hop artist. Here is the email (which has been heavily edited for readability):

Everyone thinks that [NAME WITHHELD] is such a hood [EXPLETIVE]. Well he’s not – [N Word] is more like a hood b*tch.

We were both at [A Correctional Facility] – he was there on a drug charge and I was there on a robbery. At first everything was cool, but [Name Withheld] likes to gamble and that got him into some problems.

He lost $4,000 to [one of my fellow gang members] playing Tunk. Just so you know – in jail $4,000 is like a million dollars on the outside. But it was [no big deal] because everyone knew who he was and we all knew he had paper. Plus he was supposed to be getting some commissary that week so everything was cool.

The week came and went and [N Word] didn’t give anybody [EXPLETIVE].

We had to teach this [N Word] a lesson. So [a bunch of us] ran into [NAME WITHHELD] on the way to the library and pulled him into the closet. [N Word] was scared like a b*tch. He thought we were going to {EXPLETIVE] him up.

We did [EXPLETIVE] him up, but not like he thought we would. We tore that [N Word’s] [behind]. There must have been four or five [N Words] that went up in him. When it was done, [N Word] was bleeding and [EXPLETIVE] was everywhere.

[NAME WITHHELD] paid the money the very next day.

Now I know this may be hard for you to understand, and you’re probably thinking that we’re gay – but we’re not. What we did was an ASSAULT prison style. [There] wasn’t anything gay about it. Any dude that did more than [a year in prison] knows exactly what I’m talking about.

We are at a COMPLETE LOSS FOR WORDS. Remind us to never break the law, EVER EVER EVER!!!

Oh and we can’t tell you who this rapper is. But here’s a hint – dude is from ATLANTA and he’s pretty hot right now.