BLIND ITEM: Which 90s R&B Star Routinely Slept With An HIV POSITIVE Groupie!!!!

: One of’s faithful sent us a shocking story … here it is:

[A member of a popular 1990s R&B group] used to have sex with this model chick who died from AIDS back in ’98 or ’99.

I recently saw [the artist] performing and it struck me that maybe he’s positive also or is Full blown with this disease. He could hardly sing and looked very sickly. It’s very sad how he looks and sounds nowadays. That melodic voice is gone and he was outshined by [his family member] voice-wise.

I used to model in the 90s with this young lady that passed and I watched as [the portly artist] would wisk her away in his limo back then. The next day she would tell me how they were “rockin”

Now, since we don’t know for sure whether he contracted anything, we’re not trying to naming names .. but there’s a lot of clues in the story for all you junior detectives ….