Beyonce The DIVA!!! Orders Staff To NEVER Look In Her Eyes!!!

: has learned that one of Beyonce’s supporters has come out to put her ON BLAST. The employee, who worked backstage at Beyonce’s August 26th concert at San Diego’s Cox Arena spilled the beans on what the booty-lious diva is really like.

Here are a few quotes from the employee:

What they’re supposed to do when they see Beyonce:

All of the local staff were instructed by Beyonce’s people not to look at her, speak to her or approach her .. The staff was actually told before the show that if Beyonce was coming down the hall, you were to find an unlocked room and immediately go into it, out of her presence. I mean, what’s the problem – is she radioactive

Beyonce and white linen:

[White linen] was all over the walls and the furniture in her dressing room. It was even spread out on the backstage walkway like a ‘red carpet’ for Beyonce – and one of her people even had to smooth out the wrinkles after she passed by”

Beyonce doesn’t feed her employees:

Most acts will share their catered gourmet food with the backstage staff – but that wasn’t the case this time. So while Beyonce and er crew lunched on lobster tail and filet mignon, each of the local staff had to make do with a 3 inch Subway sandwich, and apple and a bottle of water.

Beyonce screams on wardrobe girl

Beyonce scolded a wardrobe girl because one of her shoes had a scuff mark. She actually told [the girl] ‘You ain’t gonna make me roll like that!!’

Beyonce’s dirty dogs:

Beyonce’s entourage included two large dogs – and no one in her crew bothered to clean up the poop they left all over the loading dock.

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head…